About us

Die Gemeinschaft e.V. (German for “the community”) is a network of artisanal food producers and restaurateurs who are aware of their shared responsibility on the plate. The non-profit association was initiated in 2017 by the Berlin based restaurants Horváth and Nobelhart & Schmutzig.


We are restaurateurs, farmers, bakers, cheesemakers, trainees, retailers, activists and chefs. Together, we are committed to a new food culture. For us, this means a better food system, in which we as an industry celebrate real food, produce in a regenerative way, pay fair prices, use resources responsibly, value craftship, collaborate in a mindful manner, share knowledge, create better working environments and support young professionals. Together, we have a positive impact on soils, people, workplaces, new generations, animals, diversity & the environment as a result.

Through our work, such as the annual symposium, EsskulturWandel or our knowledge archive, we connect all culinary actors and provide them with knowledge, skills and inspiration on current and future issues concerning our food system. They take this into their everyday work in the fields, in the kitchen, and everywhere in between, driving change. 

Read on in our statutes and fundamentals about how we work.