About us

Die Gemeinschaft e.V. (German for “the community”) is a network of artisanal food producers and restaurateurs who are aware of their shared responsibility on the plate.


Our aim is to unite the culinary actors of the country with a new approach to collective action. Together we want to establish a new, independent food culture that celebrates real food, appreciates and preserves localities, honors craftspeople of every kind, promotes respectful cooperation and puts nature’s value first. By sharing our knowledge, learning from other disciplines and supporting each other, we want to create tangible alternatives that inspire others. With honesty, respect, empathy and humility.


We are restaurateurs and farmers, bakers and cheesemakers, academics and trainees, creatives and retailers, activists and cooks. We see ourselves as a platform for all actors along the value chain who critically examine current and future issues of our food system. We believe that closer cooperation, a better understanding of each other and personal relationships are the driving forces for a better food system.


Die Gemeinschaft e.V. was initiated in 2017 by two Berlin restaurants, Horváth and Nobelhart & Schmutzig. In our manifesto, we outlined the philosophy, goals and values that drive our work. Starting form there, we want to encourage more and more people to consider our approach. We put our goals into practice through formats such as farm visits, our Stammtisch and the knowledge archive. Quintessential to our work is our annual Symposium.

Our Board


Olaf Schnelle (Schnelles Grünzeug)

Heike Breidenich (Havelhöhe Hospital)

Billy Wagner (Nobelhart&Schmutzig)

David Peacock (Erdhof Seewalde)

David Peacock (Erdhof Seewalde)

What others say about us:

  • 11.2019 Speisekarte tip Berlin 2020 | Objektiv Betrachtet, Seite 19