Die Gemeinschaft (German for “the community”) is a Berlin-based network of artisanal food producers, restaurateurs and chefs.

It aims to cultivate a far-reaching network to share knowledge and ultimately nurture a new food culture. Die Gemeinschaft was originally initiated by two Berlin restaurants, Horváth and Nobelhart & Schmutzig, with a vision of bringing producers and chefs closer together. It has since grown into a powerful vehicle for keeping that conversation alive, not least by removing the veil of anonymity around producers that hinders transparency.

All involved in the collaboration gain a stronger basis for making decisions, the chance to join in forging new paths now and the tools needed to shape a brighter future.

We published a manifesto that brings together the key philosophical concepts behind die Gemeinschaft and elucidates our goals and values. Yet this is only a starting point for us to continue building and welcome more and more people to consider our approach. And in the value of a new, independent food culture. A food culture that celebrates real food, appreciates and preserves localities, honors craftspeople of every kind, demands respectful cooperation and puts nature’s value first.

In order to put our goals into practice, we organize our annual symposium.

The initiators of Die Gemeinschaft from left to right: Billy Wagner and Micha Schäfer from Restaurant Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Jeannine Kessler and Sebastian Frank from Restaurant Horváth. In the front manager Friederike Gaedke.