The Symposium 2018

In spring 2018 we met as “Die Gemeinschaft” for the first time at Erdhof Seewalde. This meeting took place with about 100 colleagues and was titled “agriculture and kitchen”. Our aim was to initiate a first meeting and to give space for personal introductions of the network as well as an exchange among producers, restaurateurs and chefs from the surrounding area of Berlin. 

The region around Berlin is rich in opportunities to produce high quality food and to bring artisan produce to our plates. In order to fully seize these opportunities, we have to talk to each other, learn from each other and work together. We have explored first approaches on how we could define for ourselves good quality of food, have discussed the challenges we face in our businesses and how we can take responsibility for the soil and animals. For enjoyment on our plates, which we deliberately create together. 

Lars Odefey, Georg Rixmann, Anja Hradetzky and Micha Schäfer were among those present. On the following videos you can gain a small insight of the day and its contents.