Join us for our cross-sector and practice-oriented education program for culinary actors! 

During an exchange within the Germany-wide network of Die Gemeinschaft you dive deep into the day-to-day work in another part of the food world. In addition, you will spend five days learning and discussing the foundations of food system transformation – from agriculture and climate, cooperation and justice, to new ways of working. 

EssKulturWandel offers you multifaceted insights into the food system and helps you to understand the large-scale connections between climate, kitchens and politics. Still, we stay grounded: where food is produced and where ecological, social and economic change is possible.

Our educational program is designed for all trainees, employees, students and freelancers within the food system. It doesn’t matter if you work in agriculture, the kitchen, the bakery or any other food trade – the main thing is that you want to make a difference. We give you the knowledge, the tools and the network to do it.


As part of the practical exchange, chefs, service staff or bakers might get to know the work of a market garden, a butchery, a vineyard or another agricultural business. You will spend two days to four weeks at a member’s business in the Germany-wide network of Die Gemeinschaft.

You decide in which area you would like to gain practical experience. Whether it’s in gastronomy, agriculture or food handcraft – you learn directly from those who are already changing the food system. You will gain new perspectives, skills and inspiration, from practitioners for practitioners. Towards your own understanding of a sustainable food culture!

Impulse DAYS

For sustainable change in the food system, we need to understand that all links in the value chain are interconnected, from the field to the plate. What the way animals are kept and fed has to do with good meat, how soils affect the climate, how regionality and seasonality impact biodiversity – and what you have to do with it.

Therefore, together with us and 17 other participants, you will take a deep look into the food system during excursions, workshops and discussions in and around Berlin. We invite experts to share their experiences in different areas – from agriculture and climate, to food and agricultural policy, to food cultures, to cooperation and new work culture.

We want to give you a holistic understanding of the food system and look at all dimensions, whether ecological, social or economic. In addition to exciting content, the Impulse Days offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with other like-minded people and to reflect on your own position and future perspectives.

Take a better food system into your own hands

Apply with a short letter of motivation and some information about yourself.
Application deadline is 15.10.
Impulse days in Berlin: 16-20.11.2023
Individual exchanges: November – January 2023
Final event: 29.01.2024

What participants say

“It was exciting for me to change the perspective, be a student again. That inspired me to rethink my own processes and routines and to carry my learnings into my everyday work.”

Friederike Bartels (32),
Confectioner and manager of Rosa Canina ice cream manufactory

“It was like a badass holiday. I had distance from work and got to know new things and that kind of clicked with me; it moved me a lot.”

Rebecca Pfiffer (28),
Communications for Posthotel Alexander Herrmann and board member of freakstotable e.V.

“I thought it was cool to meet people who work in different fields but still have the same goals as me. I also got a better understanding of how much things are actually interconnected.”

Rahel Krauss (22),
Chef & student Vegan
Food Management B.A.

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