Our “Stammtisch” * is a digital platform for all actors along the food chain. Be part of our network and connect directly with colleagues from your discipline and various others: Bakers, butchers, farmers, cooks, creatives, trainees and more. For everyone who shapes our food system through their work every day, including you!

At the Stammtisch we want to share knowledge and inspiration, learn and read from each other and post news, for example about job offers and events. What unites us: We want to change things in the fields, in the kitchens and in our minds.

*Stammtisch is german for a regular social meeting of people who share similar interests.



Stammtisch is a place for:

Knowledge exchange on every aspect of the food system as well as industry news

Networking and collaboration

Job board to post, share and view offers

Inspiration through interesting articles, podcasts, documentaries and (online-) events

(Virtual) Toast and getting to know each other – cheers!


Who is part of it?

ALL actors along the food chain, because we believe in cross-disciplinary exchange between agriculture and primary production, food processing and craftmanship, gastronomy, retail and education, as well as journalists, creatives and political activists. From Berlin, Germany and beyond.


How does it work?

Stammtisch takes place on the communication platform Slack. Slack works like WhatsApp & Co, with the difference that messages are organized by topics. You can use Slack on your computer and on your smartphone. You can decide which topics you want to follow and mute other topics.
Stammtisch was initiated by Die Gemeinschaft e.V. Everybody can join!


Know someone who should join? Share this page with them! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Illustration: Vroni von Manz