Das Symposium for a New Food Culture is back! On September 11th and 12th, we invite all german culinary actors to get together for a better food system! We will meet at Gut Boltenhof in Brandenburg as well as in Berlin for personal exchange, new inspirations and knowledge as well as discussions on relevant topics: from legumes to new ways of working or animal husbandry. We discuss, demonstrate and taste in the field, in the kitchen and in our minds.

The symposium is for everyone working within our food system: chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, bakers, beekeepers, fishermen and butchers, cultural workers, journalists and teachers – visionaries of the future, food experts and those who want to become one.

Monday, 11th September

On the first day we meet festival style at Gut Boltenhof for talks, workshops and, of course, a joint dinner.

Tuesday, 12th September

The second day continues in Berlin. Decentrally distributed in the city, we get to know concepts, people and their stories behind the scences.


Aida Baghernejad, Alex Kanastab, Bernhard Marwitz, Carina Reckers, Dan Anthes, David Peacock, Dax Defranco, Dotori, Deandra E. Anderson, Ebb, Flow & Kegg, Dinah Hoffmann, Elisabeth Berlinghof, Ellie Athanasis, Sofi Bäckerei, Felicia von Borries, Proud to Kellner, Hannah Müller, Inga Putz, Ingmar Jaschok, Isabella Krause, Tiny Farms, Jacob Fels, Jennifer Kießling, Destillerie Kolonko, Dr. Johnny Drain, Kornlabor, Jonna Meyer-Spasche, Austerregion, Jörn Gutowski, Teto Tofu, Joscha Schneider, Joszi Smeets, Julia Bar-Tal, AbL, Juliane Winkler, Kira Huber, Female Wine Collective, Lars Middendorf, Fine Bagels, Laurel Kratochvila, Gut & Bösel, Lea Ligat, Lisa Jaspers, Prinzessinengärten, Lisa Lange, Lisa Lind Dunbar, Lizzie Parle, Maike Sass, Wilmars Gärten, Maria Gimenéz, Martin Rötzel, The Monk Garden, Martina Trommer, Maximilian Liebrich, Nina Petersen, Happa Restaurant, Nina Wolff, Slow Food Deutschland, Olga Graf, Kantine Zukunft, Patrick Wodni, Philipp Adler, Philippe Birker, Climate Farmers, Robert Kapa, Robert Klinge, Sabina Lischka, Siebengiebelhof, Sabine Jürß, Scellebelle, Simon Ellery, The Sausage Man Never SLeeps, Sophia Hoffmann, Svenja Nette, Ulrich Beckmann, Urtracht Honig, Ulrike Genz, Schneeeule, EZSRA, Victor Hausladen, You Ji Hyun

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