Real pleasure of food is a complex matter. It is the result of the interaction of many hands. It is the result of these hands carefully cultivating and growing it. Die Gemeinschaft is an association of farmers, chefs and restaurateurs who are aware of their shared responsibility on the plate.

The Symposium is the place where this responsibility is given the time and space and developed further. On September 9th 2019 we met for one day. We discussed, looked beyond our own horizons, worked out new insights in workshops and exchanged ideas on topics that are relevant to us. Relevant for the daily work in our businesses, relevant for a common vision of pleasurable food and relevant for an economically creative agriculture and gastronomy.

We educated ourselves by asking concrete questions and providing food for thought. And thus promoted our perspective on responsible production and artisanal treatment of food. For pleasure on the plate, which tastes of community work.

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