Our 10-part event series in the fields, in the kitchens and in the minds

In its fourth year, Das Symposium was more collaborative, more hands-on, more local than ever! As a series of events from August to December 2021, we dove on 40 days in total into ten different topics – from soil to legumes, ferments or education – over four days each. In smaller groups, we’ll visited 38 places: in the kitchen, in the field, and everywhere in between where we shared common experiences, gained new insights, and got to know each other. For a new food culture that we create together.


250 participants were part of of practical workshops, inspiring field trips, visits to production sites and digital inputs. We invited speakers and pioneers to share their knowledge and stories with us. Additionally, we kicked-off Das Symposium 2021 with a farm visit and a small celebration at the Michelberger Farm.


You can find reviews and the program by clicking on the individual topics. You can view all our digital inputs in the knowledge archive: