The most important insights, contacts and ideas arise in personal conversations. That’s why we organise regular member meetups.

Newbies meet long-time members on site at one of our producers’ place, exchange news, make plans and simply enjoy a social meal at a long table.


At the end of August, about 60 Die Gemeinschaft members met at Erdhof Seewalde in Southern Mecklenburg.

Touring the farm with Marie, Viola and David we were introduced to their daily work in holistic farming. Particularly the newly built slaughterhouse made an impression on us. Before dinner, we were allowed to accompany the walk to fetch the cows from the pasture and milk them in the barn.

A wonderful dinner was created by From Earth with products from Erdhof, bread made by Max Kugel and coffee & cake provided by Gasthaus Canow. Many of us stayed seated at the long tables, enjoying the company over a glass of Kemker Kultuur cider until the sun had set.


Our first meetup in person after year-long isolation was hosted by Lars Odefey on his farm. We clinked glasses, shared a meal, learned more about Lars’ farm and got to know new and old members and friends of Die Gemeinschaft.

Curious to join the next member meetup? Become part of our movement as a member of Die Gemeinschaft. We’re excited to meet you!



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