Who is Das Symposium for?

The symposium is for people who work in the food system. For you, if you are a cook, a gastronome, a farmer, a baker, a beekeeper, a fisherman, a butcher, a cultural worker, a journalist, a teacher - a future visionary, a food expert, or on the way to becoming one.

What can I expect?

The programme and schedule for September 11th & 12th can be found here on our website.

What is included in your ticket?

The ticket covers the program of the Symposium on September 11th and 12th, including coffee, drinks & lunch at Gut Boltenhof.
Dinner tickets for the first day at Gut Boltenhof will be sold separately.

Each ticket is valid for one person only.
Tickets are personal and non-transferable.
Tickets can be exchanged or refunded until 30 days before the event.

If you would like to attend and cannot find a ticket option that's for you, please get in touch: .

What are you paying for with your ticket?

It is very important to us to deal openly with the topic of money - where our money comes from, what we spend it on and what you get out of it.

All income covers only the costs and is not profitable. Over 80% of the costs are covered by solidarity ticket prices, donations and support from the network. So the ticket price reflects relatively accurately what such an event costs per person.

Neither the team nor the producers nor the cooks should work for free at the festival. (Self-)exploitation is already widespread enough in the food system. We pay for working hours, for location and service and for the food we need for the day. For speakers:inside we cover participation and travel costs. Also, as a non-profit, we pay (reduced) sales taxes on ticket sales.

How your ticket price is composed (excluding dinner):

45% for the organization (equivalent to 3 people planning and implementing the symposium for two and a half months)
22% for the venue (rent, technical equipment, personnel costs, set-up and dismantling)
11% for catering on the day of the festival (coffee, drinks, lunch)
9% for travel and accommodation costs of the speakers
8% for photography, printing and material costs
5% taxes on tickets

In which language will the lectures and workshops take place?

There will be both German and English language program. Many talks and workshops will be in German, but there will be enough for pure English understanding/speaking people. If both is possible, it's also stated in the program.

Can I bring a child?

Admission is free for children under 12 years old. Children from 12 years pay the regular price. There is a playground on site where children can occupy themselves. However, the responsibility of supervision remains with the parents.

Can I bring my dog or cat?

Gut Boltenhof is an operating farm with animals. Therefore, pets are unfortunately not allowed.

How do I get to Gut Boltenhof?

Day 1

Gut Boltenhof
Lindenallee 14, 16798 Fürstenberg/Havel
Google Maps

Public transport & shuttle
Öffentliche Anreise & Shuttle
There'll be a shuttle bus from regional train stations to Gut Boltenhof.  The shuttle leaves at 9:40am-ish at Dannenwalde (Gransee).
If you're late, another shuttle bus will leave at 10.40am-ish at Fürstenberg (Havel). Please note you'll miss the start of the Symposium day with this connection.

We recommend this connection from Berlin:
Start in Berlin: e.g., Friedrichstraße 8:10 am, Gesundbrunnen 8:19 am
S1 (towards Oranienburg) to Oranienburg
9:16 am: RE 5 (towards Rostock) to Dannenwalde (Gransee)
9:39 am: From Dannenwalde it's 30 minutes/8 km by bike or take the symposium's shuttle bus to Gut Boltenhof

Public travel if coming from further away:
For those not traveling from Berlin, there are discounted tickets available from Deutsche Bahn. Please click here for more information & booking.

By car:
Please use the individual navigation via the Google Maps link.

For all those who would like to take someone with them and for all those who are looking for a ride, here is a list to sign up.

Rides Share List

For all those who would like to take someone with them and for all those who are looking for a ride, here is a list to sign up.

How do I get back from Gut Boltenhof?


Option 1:
16:29 public bus 838 (towards Fürstenberg) to Fürstenberg (Havel) to catch RE5 (towards Oranienburg) at 17:12.

Option 2:
18:00 shuttle bus to Dannenwalde (Gransee) to catch RE5 (towards Oranienburg) at 18:20

Option 3:
18:30 Shuttle bus to Fürstenberg (Havel) to catch RE5 (towards Oranienburg) at 19:12


20:45 Shuttle bus to Fürstenberg (Havel) to catch RE5 (towards Oranienburg) at 21:12

Where can I stay overnight?

Both Berlin and Gut Boltenhof & surrounding have many options for sleeping.

In Berlin we recommend our members:

Near Gut Boltenhof

You can also bring a tent or van to camp at Gut Boltenhof.

How does day 2 work?

On 12.9. workshops and lectures will take place all over the city, up to 8 at the same time.
At the beginning of September you can register for your favorite sessions, information will be sent to you by mail.

All locations on day 2 are accessible by public transport.

If you are traveling by car and staying in Boltenhof & surroundings, you can also visit the Good Food Syndicate, who will provide us with vegetables on day 1.

Contact for further questions