FAQs EssKulturWandel

Who is EssKulturWandel for?

You work with food and want to take responsibility and learn more? EssKulturWandel is for everyone who’s involved with and wants to change our food system. No matter if you’re in agriculture, in the kitchen, in a bakery or in any other food craft: You can help shape an EssKulturWandel! No matter if you are an apprentice, employee or self-employed. Between February and March there will be a practical exchange and additionally from 29.02.-04.03.2024 there will be the Impulse Days in Berlin.

What does participation in EssKulturWandel cost?

The majority of the costs for the program will be covered by the Famtastic Foundation and the Postcode Lottery, i.e. approximately 2,500€ per person.

In order to cover all costs, we rely on solidarity-based funding and ask for a donation of a self-selected amount after participation. On average we have to bear 250€ per person - so you estimate yourself what is possible and if you can give less or more. Participation does not depend on the amount of your donation, because financial effort should not be a hurdle to participate.

Why should I encourage someone from my team to participate in EssKulturWandel?

They’ll have the chance to take part in Germany's first interdisciplinary training for people in the food sector! EssKulturWandel offers a unique, free program with comprehensive topics, facilitated by experts and in a small group of participants. Your employee will gain access to a cutting-edge network and bring a wide range of knowledge and skills back to daily work and into your team.

What are key dates of EssKulturWandel?

Click on the registration leek above and apply via the registration form. There you share your motivation, why you want to participate with us and indicate your preferences for the practical exchange. Application deadline is 10/15 and on 10/20 you will receive feedback from us on how to proceed.

From the end of February to the end of March 2024 the practical exchanges will take place. The exact period will be agreed individually. The impulse days will take place from 29.02.-04.03.2024 in Berlin. Both parts are mandatory. On 25.03.2024 is final our online event!

Can I only participate in the impulse weekend or the practical exchange?

EssKulturWandel is designed as an interdisciplinary, holistic training, so both parts are compulsory. Please make sure that you can be present at the impulse days as well as have a few days up to several weeks for the practical part. If you’re in doubt about that, check with us!

How long is the practical exchange and am I insured during it?

The exchange will be arranged individually for each participant. Firstly the in-taking businesses specify a reasonable length depending on the season and their operations. Anything between 2 days and 4 weeks is possible. 

The practical exchange is not an employment. Accordingly, you are not entitled to social security benefits (health insurance, long term care insurance, pension insurance). Accident insurance however will be covered by the organization that you visit during your exchange.

How do I find out where I will do my practical exchange?

When you register, you share both the sector you come from and indicate where you’d like to do your exchange: such as agriculture, kitchen, bakery or another food trade. We will then match you with a member in our network and then support you with the practicals, such as exact dates, travel and accommodation.

Does participation count as working time?

Ideally, your employer will see your participation as regular working time.