Das Symposium – FAQs

Das Symposium – What is it about?
You grow vegetables, keep animals or catch fish? You bake bread or brew beer? You work as a butcher or chef? No matter if you work in a small café, a restaurant or a communal kitchen, if you are a student or a trainee – If you are interested in a discourse about food culture and the relationship between agriculture and gastronomy and would like to exchange ideas openly you were able to apply for your participation in Das Symposium until 05.08. 2019. The event was held mainly in german language.

How does the application work?
The application process closed on the 5th of August at 11:59 PM.

For those selected through the application process, the admission fee was 90€. This includes the whole day at the symposium, including coffee, drinks, lunch and dinner. Food producers pay 70€. Trainees and students receive a reduced price of 50€. All prices plus fees. Children under 12 can join free of charge.

Why is there an application process?
The number of participants was limited. We know that we can only explore all these topics using our different experiences. We were looking for people who are open-minded, motivated and who want to explore the paths for a collaborative future together. Candidates will be selected so that all share the same goals, but bring different perspectives and backgrounds from the kitchens, farms and food production as well as from beyond. Diversity of opinions is essential for creative discourse. Therefore, whether we are farmers, producers or restaurateurs, we need to communicate with each other and share our perspectives.