We organise farm visits in the Berlin area which are specifically intended for gastronomes and farmers.

Our aim is to share knowledge about agricultural cultivation methods, spark a conversation around product quality, and show the connection of individual ingredients to our whole food system: social implications, climate and taste.

Through these farm visits, we bring producers and cooks closer together and nurture their mutual appreciation. We believe in a food system in which personal relationships and emotional closeness to each other build the foundation for deeper cooperation.


Our next farm visits:

5 October 2020, Der Beringhof
12 October 2020, Bauernhof Weggun


Interested in joining us?

These farm visits are intended primarily for cooks, and for farmers to exchange among each other. At each visit you will learn practical information about produce, cultivation methods and their effect on taste. You will see agriculture on the field and get to know the people behind it.

We will share updates on the topics and farms through our newsletter and our digital Stammtisch.

To register, send us a short email and tell us who you are and what’s your professional background.




Click on the portraits of the producers below to learn more about their cultivation methods.