We are excited that you share our vision and values and have the motivation to support our project; namely changing something on the field, in the kitchen and in the minds of the people!
Die Gemeinschaft is a group of people with a background in gastronomy and artisanal food production from Berlin, and the rest of Germany, who share common values and visions for the future. Do you identify with our Manifesto and Mission statement and want to be part of the movement to create a new culture around food? Then become a part of Die Gemeinschaft!



Join as a “Friend of” Die Gemeinschaft e.V. if you actively want to participate and ultimately regenerate and change our food system. Whether you are a restaurateur, a farmer, a chef, a baker, a patissier, a gardener, a chicken farmer, a cultural worker, a sommelier, an activist, a student or a trainee – get involved! We want to unite all culinary actors of the country!

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