The Bonvivant is a place to come together, to enjoy, to experience and to be curious. We live bistronomy for gourmets and invite you on a journey – through the vegetarian-vegan variety – for every taste. We rethink well-known processes, reinterpret popular classics and create an incomparable experience through a balance of expertise and experimentation – because that’s what matters to us! Together with you, we want to think outside the culinary box and discover new things together in a cozy, informal atmosphere.
discover new things together.

Who are you?
Brief introduction, e.g. about your concept, history?

Our journey at Goltzstraße 32 in Berlin-Schöneberg began in 2019. Driven by a love of vegetarian food and sustainable gastronomy, we initially wanted to implement a sharing plates concept and bring the neighborhood together around the table for great food.
However, the biggest challenge came almost at the same time as the opening, when the world was paralyzed by the pandemic. We fought our way through a wide variety of business models this year, and precise ideas crystallized that inspired us to become what we are today. It was in the midst of these crazy times that the vision of turning our Bonvivant restaurant into a fine dining cocktail bistro was born. Since then, our culinary creations have been characterized by a love of detail and a dedication to the quality and origin of our ingredients. Shortly afterwards, the next idea was born to celebrate this sophistication in a special vegetarian brunch. A combination that had never been seen before in Germany.

Why are you a member of Die Gemeinschaft?

Our decision to become a member of Die Gemeinschaft is based on a combination of the desire to gain knowledge and the desire to contribute our own knowledge. Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro represents a young generation in the hospitality industry – a team bursting with ideas and a willingness to learn. With an average age of under 25 and no traditional Michelin-starred career paths, we offer new perspectives that have the potential to challenge and expand existing paradigms.

We see membership of Die Gemeinschaft as a bidirectional learning opportunity. On the one hand, we want to enrich ourselves with the collective knowledge and experience available in this network. On the other hand, we see ourselves as catalysts for innovation by bringing in approaches that may be off the beaten track.

The future of gastronomy is a field that requires critical reflection and redefinition. We see ourselves as part of this evolution and strive to help shape it. It is particularly important to us that our cooperation with suppliers and our relationships with employees are characterized by respect. At the same time, it is important to us not only to use the products we use, but also to appreciate and communicate their origin and quality. We see ourselves not just as restaurateurs, but as actors within a socio-cultural change that promotes and celebrates a sustainable and conscious food culture.

Which topics influence your work the most?

We only use regional and seasonal food when designing our menus. This allows us to ensure that all our dishes are fresh and of high quality. At the same time, it also allows us to play with and even be in harmony with nature and offer our guests a varied culinary experience. We also find it important to support local farmers with our use of products and thus promote sustainable food production.

What do you think needs to change in the food system over the next few years?

In the coming years, the food system is facing decisive changes that are of great importance not only for humanity, but especially for restaurateurs. A fundamental rethink is needed and sustainable practices are probably the most important part of this.

In the foodservice industry, it is crucial that we are aware of the impact our choices have on the environment. Wholesalers may be convenient, but in most cases they are simply not sustainable. It is becoming increasingly important that restaurateurs actively engage in rethinking the supply chain and looking for alternatives that leave a smaller environmental footprint.
One key to acting sustainably is to promote regional and direct distribution channels. Those with the financial means should consider supporting local farmers and producers directly. This is not only to minimize the environmental impact, but also to strengthen the economy in their own community. By focusing on local sources, restaurateurs can not only offer high-quality products, but also increase the transparency of food origins.

Overall, a comprehensive rethink is needed that focuses not only on taste and practicality, but also on the long-term impact on the environment and the community. By making conscious choices about the provenance of our food, we are helping to shape a more sustainable future for foodservice and society as a whole.


Overall, there is a need for a comprehensive rethink that focuses not only on taste and practicality, but also on the long-term impact on the environment and the community. By making conscious choices about the provenance of our food, we are helping to shape a more sustainable future for foodservice and society as a whole.


What responsibilities do actors in the food system have?

Here we follow on from the answer to the previous question. We restaurateurs in particular, but also all other players in the food system, bear the responsibility for shaping the future food system on our shoulders. It is crucial that we work together to ensure that future generations have easy access to sustainable food.

What are your plans and wishes for the future?

Our future plans and goals for Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro are ambitious and reflect a vision that goes beyond current gastronomic practice. We strive to set a standard where the question of “why” meat is not sold becomes obsolete. Instead, we want respect for the environment and nature as well as a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to be taken for granted. It is about bringing about a change in thinking where sustainable practices are the norm and not the exception.

With regard to our employees, our goal is to create a working environment that is not only eccentrically motivated by salary, but is characterized by internal values such as personal fulfillment and the pursuit of continuous development and learning. We want our team to come to work with enthusiasm, feel part of a bigger picture and actively contribute to making the hospitality industry more exciting and innovative.

We plan to continue developing our concept, testing and implementing new ideas without having to constantly weigh up economic justifications. The aim is to create a framework in which decisions that promote the well-being of all involved need not be questioned, but rather are seen as an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Ultimately, we strive to foster a culture in which the joy of work and the pursuit of fulfillment at work is not only longed for, but actually lived. The ultimate goal is to wake up every Monday morning and look forward to work because it not only keeps you busy, but truly fulfills you.

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