Gut & Bösel

An hour east of Berlin, Benedikt Bösel runs the family farm Gut & Bösel, which puts soil and its use at the center of agricultural activities, paving the way for a paradigm shift in farming.

What distinguishes Gut und Bösel from other farms?

We test and develop regenerative and multi functional land use systems where we close nutrient cycles, increase biodiversity and store carbon in the soil. We do this to increase the potential of the fields we cultivate – and to produce food that tastes particularly good and has a special nutrient density.


Why is regenerative agriculture forward-looking for you?

The only safe assumption we can make about the future is increasing unpredictability. Ecosystems with site-adapted plant communities, intact soil life, healthy animals and contented people are the best insurance for this.

How important is cooperation with other businesses for you? Both with catering businesses and agricultural businesses.

Farmers are the most important actors to stop climate change.

Consumers inspire or block this transformation through their purchasing decisions. That’s why trust and appreciation are needed – gastronomy can convey this and make it tangible. We can only do it together.


You worked in the financial sector for many years. What working methods or “lessons” do you take with you from your previous working world to the food industry?

It’s the person that matters, not the company, industry or origin.


Why did you become a member of the community?

We need trans- and multidisciplinary teams to tackle the complex challenges. The broader the community, the more likely we are to make a difference.​

“The only safe assumption we can make about the future is increasing unpredictability.”

How can the cooperation between the individual sectors (agriculture – gastronomy – food crafts) be strengthened in the future?

Do good and talk about it.


What are the most important issues that you think need to change in the coming years within the food industry, gastronomy, agriculture and why?

Evaluating both negative and positive externalities.


Who do you see as responsible for the change and why?


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