Vom Einfachen Das Gute


We had a castle in the air in our heads for a long time. We planned a store with things that we wanted to buy ourselves. Good ham, good cheese, the best liver sausage, fantastic bread, raw milk butter, good wine and good beer. From the simple to the good.

Hello Manuela, Deschna, Jörg and everyone. Who are you?
# Founding story

Manuela and Jörg’s store was born out of a pure passion for sensational food.

Tyrolean bacon, alpine cheese from the Bregenz Forest or local gems such as Urstromkäse from Brandenburg. Food that can really bear the name. No hybrid products, nothing industrial and no mass-produced goods. Simply good!

What makes you special?

We are passionate and dedicated to curating outstanding food that impresses with its taste, craftsmanship and responsible origins. Our work is characterized by culinary passion, the celebration and enjoyment of food – both in front of and behind the counter.

But what makes us special is that when you come into our store, you immediately feel welcome and at home. Warmth and humor are a matter of course here, along with great food and a high level of culinary expertise.

Why are you a member of Die Gemeinschaft?

The values and goals are basically the same. We want to enable good food from good sources and consumption that preserves and supports the good in this world and hopefully makes this world a little better.

We think we are in good company with the “unreasonable” at Die Gemeinschaft. What does that mean? We act unreasonably in this current economic system, but reasonably for a world we want to live in. We pay fair wages, we don’t push down prices for producers and we put the well-being of people, the environment and animals above profit. We want to reverse this “value twist” (again).

What do you think needs to change in the food system over the next few years? 

Above all, we believe that politicians have a responsibility to support organic farming and good food craftsmanship even more than industrial agriculture and the food industry.

What excites you about your work? How did you become who you are?

The joy that good food and culinary arts bring to people. Food brings people together in a unique way. And that starts at the counter. It’s part of a beautiful food culture that makes it easier to eat “well”. You get to have a conversation, a laugh and the feeling of being in good hands in one place through the interpersonal relationships that are formed while shopping. It’s not just about getting an excellent cheese or a good sausage.

What responsibility do players in the food system have?

To show equal respect and appreciation for the environment, animals and people.


„The pleasure that good food and culinary delights give people. Food brings people together in a unique way. And that starts at the counter. It is part of a beautiful food culture that makes it easier to eat “well”.“


What are your plans and wishes for the future?

Our VISION is to establish good agriculture and excellent taste as cornerstones of our food culture. We want to help shape a future in which the environment, animals and people are treated with equal respect and appreciation.

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