Our Team

Change requires work. Friederike, Janna, Cora and Carla support Die Gemeinschaft and provide constant exchange among our members, the board – and of course with you. They organize the topics and goals we put together with our members and our board; the communication that generates awareness; and the resources to make it all happen. Without the four of them, there would be common ground, but no community.


Friederike’s greatest passion is bringing together the people who shape our food system. She wants to connect all those who, like her, are working towards a resilient, sustainable and delicious food world.

Therefore, she is leading Die Gemeinschaft today. Since 2018, she has been behind everything Die Gemeinschaft sets up – from content to events. She is the initial contact for all members, develops future plans with the board and represents the association to the outside world, e.g. in talks or panel discussions. In 2021, Friederike was recognized for her work by 50Next as “Trailblazing Activist”.

 She enjoys discussing regenerative agriculture, the shortage of professionals in the industry or feminism in gastronomy, preferably over butter cake. Friederike studied “gastronomic sciences”. Or rather Food Systems and Cultures at UNISG, the university founded by Slow Food in Piedmont, Italy – with the aim of gaining a holistic understanding of our food world. While there, she was able to meet a wide range of food producers during field trips around the world. She took fully advantage of studying in Italy to gain more insights about her other passion, pasta. 


Janna Jung-Irrgang is often surprised about what is still considered “normal” in food systems – and prefers to collaborate with others towards alternatives. She brings academic insights from social sciences to agriculture, as much as experience from farms and gardens, in community kitchens and from street actions.

Before moving to Berlin, she was amongst others engaged as management consultant and board member at rehab republic e.V. in Munich. She’s passionate about emergent strategy in organizations, regenerative agriculture and holistic systems thinking.

At Die Gemeinschaft Janna is responsible for funding and finances as well as asking into strategy, member structures and utopias. Her other foot is firmly on the soil, working on education and partnerships at Wilmars Gaerten – extending care to spreadsheets, text polishing and her sourdough at home.


Cora loves good food and hates injustices. The question of how food systems can be shaped in such a way that people and the environment are equally at ease has therefore engaged her for a long time.

During her bachelor’s degree in the Conservation and Use of Landscapes, she learned about the holistic approaches that unite her favourite topics: agricultural and social systems.
Today, she brings together different perspectives in her work as a freelance educational speaker at the global field in Berlin. She is excited to get diverse people engaged about issues of global agriculture and system change.

If you meet Cora on the field or for a good coffee, you can also have an interesting discussion with her about feminism and anti-discrimination. These topics are not only important to her in her daily interactions, but also guide her throughout her work.

Cora’s latest quest: what started as an internship as part of her master’s degree in organic agricultural management is now project management for our education program

Pictures by Caroline Prange at Cafe Westberlin and Anabel Görtz