Focus Session

Storytelling in the New Food Economy

What distinguishes my company and how can I communicate this externally? 

What`s it about?

Our economy is undergoing transformation at many different levels. One such area is the New Food Economy. It encompasses the manner in which we view, produce and consume food is changing and will continue to change even more in the future. Our work involves intensive surveys of these changes and developing scenarios of how the future of the food sector might look. We also accompanying the players in this field as they move strategically and methodologically along the value chain with an eye towards the future. 


Correspondingly, we intend this workshop to support you along these paths by helping you identify your strengths and unique characteristics, assisting you in articulating them and showing you how to use storytelling to present them outwardly.  We’ll break down into small groups and work with you on formulating concepts that you can then use to communicate outwardly the things that distinguish you and your work in the 21st century. What you’ll take from the workshop: Input on storytelling and the New Food Economy, help on “What distinguishes my company and how do I communicate that” and constructive feedback. We look forward to meeting you. 


Food Kompanions: The word companions, in both German and English, derives from the Latin “Cum Panis,” meaning “with bread.” A “Companion” was thus someone with whom you’d share your bread.
We are a group of people with different backgrounds but who all are intensively involved with food and nature and hence have no fear of the complex challenges involved with the food supply chain.

Olga Graf laid the cornerstone for the formation of the Food Kompanions through her innovative artisanal food preparation. She studied product and service design and accompanies projects from initial formulation of goals through conceptualization and implementation. At Food Kompanions she conceives and oversees a wide range of projects and continues the work of expanding the Food Kompanions network. Sophie Huntke has a background in communications, marketing and the culinary sciences. She feeds our communication channels with impressions from the Food Kompanions universe, represents the team at conferences and events and supports a variety of field research.