Comfort Food #1: Tim Raue – High-End Restaurant Turns Delivery Service

Apr 2, 2020


“We have to move fast now, and be courageous. For the first time, we are being heard and restaurants are gaining public attention. We have to seize that. Most importantly, we have to be there for other people, and be there for our employees.“
Tim Raue – Restaurant Tim Raue, 01.04.20


Soulfood for home: Restaurant Tim Raue is offering delivery & takeout through the newly created platform „Fuh Kin Great delivery service“. Order until 5pm for next-day delivery within Berlin. The restaurant is closed on Sundays. Available to order are a variety of prepared meals, dessert and a selection of wine. More details in the Online shop.



Our conversation with Tim Raue about high-end food-delivery made us realize, once again: Social interaction is the essence of the hospitality sector. The fact that our social life is now (physically) interrupted is especially challenging for restaurants. But hospitality also means being there for other people, entertaining them, cooking for them, engaging in a conversation. “Wanting to do something for others is engraved in our professional DNA”, Tim underlines. Creative makeshift solutions like delivery services continue to make this possible. At the same time, they offer employees and suppliers stability in this exceptional situation.


“In this time, it is eminently important to act in solidarity as entrepreneurs and as human beings. We’ve taken out a loan and are in debt for the next 5 years to get out of this crisis. We’re not buying anything with that money. But I believe that the employees who are with us today will later remember: “During that time when everything was at stake, we were a team.” To his industry colleagues, Tim appeals: “We must now work hard and humbly, connect with each other, share our experiences, and seize public attention” to get out of this crisis.


Solidarity and transparency: that’s also what Die Gemeinschaft stands for. Let’s join forces, now more than ever!


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