Comfort Food #4: Dalad Kambhu – Joining forces in a crisis

Apr 8, 2020


“It’s so important for us women to stick together and help each other. In good times, we do collaborations because it’s fun. In tough times everybody has to think about their business first, and so this collaboration sends a really nice message: even now, we’re still supporting each other.”
Dalad Kambhu – Kin Dee, 07.04.20


During the Corona outbreak, the Michelin-starred Thai restaurant KinDee is offering take-away curry dishes and more. The menu changes weekly, pre-orders are welcome. Further information and all updates can be found on the restaurant’s website and Instagram channel. 



Dalad Kambhu, co-owner and head chef of KinDee in Berlin, stands for contemporary Thai cuisine at the highest level. Her restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star since 2019. She is riding out the current closing of the restaurant with a take-away offer of various Thai curries – and recently with a cooperation with two other expat food entrepreneurs: “Stay Spicy Together”That‘s name of the new collaboration of the chefs behind KinDeeChungKing Noodles and Mr. Susan. A bundle of three fiery sauces, showcasing recipes the initiators brought back from their home countries Thailand, China and Korea.  


In our Comford Food Talk #4, we talked with Dalad Kambhu about how international influences are stirring up Berlin‘s food scene. Are the expats, whose creativity and innovation significantly shape our culinary landscapes, especially under pressure now? Does feminism have to go on a break when the overall economic situation is so tense? And why and how should women should support each other (for example through the Feminist Food Club?

This conversation was moderated by our director Friederike Gaedke.


Restaurant Kin Dee: Website | Instagram | Facebook
Dalad Kambhu: Instagram