Comfort Food #5: Thilo Metzger-Petersen – What does this crisis mean for artisanal food producers?

Apr 12, 2020


“This crisis is making us realize the huge impact we have on our ecosystem. I hope that our society and our politics will learn something from this. This crisis could be a turning point.” 
Thilo Metzger-Petersen – Farm Backenscholz, 11.04.20


Thilo Metzger-Petersen runs the cheese dairy on the Backensholzer Hof near Husum together with his family. Thilo makes cheese from the best organic milk from his own cows, with a distinctly Nordic character that is also appreciated by restaurants. Since March, the farm has been offering a delivery service for neighbours within the region. Head this way for the online shop, where you can purchase a selection of pantry items, cheeses, frozen meat, eggs, bread and more.



We spoke with Thilo Metzger-Petersen about his role as a food supplier, the challenges this crisis creates in rural areas and how important it is for a business to be diversified. Thilo has been working to improve the cultural appreciation of artisanal and regional food production for a long time, as for exemple through the FEINHEIMISCH-network. For this, he would like to see more dialogue with policy makers. In this respect, he also sees the crisis as an opportunity!

This conversation was moderated by our director Friederike Gaedke.


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