Comfort Food #11: Motel Beer & Coffee – The value of craft drinks in a crisis

Apr 26, 2020


“One way to support us is actually supporting others. Because our network of small businesses is like an ecosystem.“

Cory Andreen – Motel Beer & Coffee, 25.04.20


Cory Andreen and Peter Read brew beer and nitro-coffee in their micro-brewery Motel Beer & Coffee in Berlin-Reinickendorf. The ingredients are of highest quality, the quantities are small and the production costs are high. Their aim is to work as directly as possible with other producers, and to know the faces behind the supply chain. The drinks are bottled in cans to protect them from light and oxygen. Team member Marie Stadelmann creates the unmistakable graphic design. The beer and coffee creations can be ordered through the online-shop or purchased directly in Reinickendorf.



The story of Motel Beer & Coffee is based on collaboration. The two founders met in the basement of Markthalle Neun: Cory Andreen was brewing coffee, Peter Read beer at Heidenpeters. This makes them a perfect example of the many synergies that strengthen the Berlin network of small businesses, restaurateurs and producers and at the same time make it unique. We spoke to them about their current situation as food craftsmen, about the true cost of food and how their communication has changed in the context of the crisis.

The conversation was moderated by our director Friederike Gaedke.


Motel Beer & Coffee: Website | Online-Shop | Facebook | Instagram
Cory Andreen: Instagram
Peter Read: Instagram