Warenrunde: Preserving


30 September 2020
, at Nobelhart & Schmutzig 
with Micha Schäfer


Inspired by Micha Schäfer’s kitchen meetups a few years ago, we meet regularly in Berlin restaurant kitchens for our Warenrunden to create a place where we can collectively explore our products more in depth. The aim is to exchange on taste and preparation techniques of our ingredients, as well as their connection to the environment and agriculture. We are also inviting the people who grow and produce these ingredients, such as farmers, bakers and butchers to join us.

In our second Warenrunde meetup at Nobelhart & Schmutzig together with Micha Schäfer and Berlin cooks and apprentices we exchanged thoughts and techniques about preserving.⠀

Extending the shelf life of food by heating it for a short period of time is relevant in regional cuisine not only in order to be flexible taste-wise throughout the year, but also to be able to buy from producers the larger quantities of products that ripen in the fields at the same time. ⠀

Different variables such as the choice of acidity (from apple vinegar, verjus, to reduced whey), sweetness, and the processing mode allow to preserve the taste of fresh products in the best possible way. Unfortunately, these techniques currently play only a minor role in culinary training.

Fotos: Carla Ulrich – Instagram | Website