Warenrunde: FISH


23 October 2020
, at Michelberger Hotel & Restaurant
with Lars Bäumer and Andreas Reinhardt (Frisch Gefischt)


Inspired by Micha Schäfer’s kitchen meetups a few years ago, we meet regularly in Berlin restaurant kitchens for our Warenrunden to create a place where we can collectively explore our products more in depth. The aim is to exchange on taste and preparation techniques of our ingredients, as well as their connection to the environment and agriculture. We are also inviting the people who grow and produce these ingredients, such as farmers, bakers and butchers to join us.

Hardly any other area of the food system is as contradictory as fishing. The fact that even in Hamburg it is hardly possible to get fish directly from the German coast is only one of the symptoms of an extremely intransparent trade sector. A large part of the catch ends up at auctions in the Netherlands or Denmark, only to be transported back to Germany afterwards. At the same time, decades of overfishing and subsidies for industrial fishing have dramatically reduced our fish stocks. This endangers especially small fishermen, coastal communities and natural habitats.

In our third Warenrunde meet up we spoke together with Lars Bäumer and Andreas Reinhardt from Frisch Gefischt, as well as Berlin gastronomers, cooks, trainees and food craftsmen in the Michelberger Hotel about responsible fishing. From trade, regulation, fish stocks, seasons, quality, wild catch vs. breeding, to freshness and preparation: The topic of fish is as complex as it is underrepresented.

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