Farm Visit: Land & Scheune and Reiner Guhl

Jun 14, 2021


We organise farm visits in the Berlin area which are specifically intended for gastronomes and farmers. Our aim is to share knowledge about agricultural cultivation methods, spark a conversation around product quality, and show the connection of individual ingredients to our whole food system. Through these farm visits, we bring producers and cooks closer together and nurture their mutual appreciation.



Visiting Till Mieke and his farm Land & Scheune, we tasted sweet pea seedlings and salad asparagus, learned about his tomato cultivation on manure beds, marvelled at the innovations in planting techniques and refreshed ourselves with elderberry water.


Land & Scheune: Website | Instagram
Photos: Nils Böddingmeier – Website | Instagram




Our second farm visit that day took us to the Guhl family and their asparagus fields in Düpow. This (rather legendary) asparagus grows here without any film, herbicides or insecticides. So it takes longer to grow, but tastes all the more intense. And this gentle cultivation is also good for the soil. We drove to the asparagus and early potato fields and learned from Reiner Guhl about the complexity behind their cultivation.


Reiner Guhl (Spargelhof Düpow): Facebook
Photos: Nils Böddingmeier – Website | Instagram