We organise farm visits in the Berlin area which are specifically intended for gastronomes and farmers. Our aim is to share knowledge about agricultural cultivation methods, spark a conversation around product quality, and show the connection of individual ingredients to our whole food system. Through these farm visits, we bring producers and cooks closer together and nurture their mutual appreciation.

The fruit farm Bio Hofgut Kleimeier in Phöben/Werder mainly produces apples. On site, we got an idea of how they are grown and talked about how diseases and pests can be countered in an environmentally friendly way. We also learned about the importance of licensed varieties, so-called club varieties, in apple growing and how their cultivation is regulated. Besides many different apple varieties, we were also able to taste a few specialities such as watermelons and kiwi berries.


Bio Hofgut Kleimeier: Instagram
Photos: Die Gemeinschaft