Warenrunde: WILD HERBS


30. September 2022, with Martin Rötzel at Restaurant Eszra

In our last Warenrunde together with Martin Rötzel and the Eszra-team we discussed medicinal and wild herbs. The goal was to expand our knowledge about edible plants, to discover possibilities of use and different preparation methods and therefor enhance the culinary potential of these plants.


Martin started the event by sharing his knowledge about vital mushrooms, wild herbs and fruits. He talked about his approach, his philosophy and how he collects or what and why he plants something. Martin brought us tree hazel, goutweed, sea buckthorn, ribwort, Chinese mugwort, fresh mustard and fresh coriander seeds. Together we tasted everything and exchanged ideas. Everyone found the Peruvian Huacatay particularly exciting.

Afterwards, we heard more about what a cooperation with the gastronomy looks like in practice. The Eszra team showed us how they process the various wild plants, e.g. by maceration or fermentation. The conversation also focused on how the wild plants play a role in menu planning and communication with the guests.


Martin Rötzel: LinkedIn | Instagram
Restaurant Eszra: Website
Photos: Gesine Fiedler