Warenrunde: MUSHROOMS


17. Oktober 2022, with Moritz Schmid

Together with Moritz Schmid, we explored the world of mushrooms in Grunewald. The main aims of the event were to identify suitable areas for foraging, to expand our knowledge about wild and vital mushrooms and to exchange ideas about using them in the forest and in the kitchen. Before we went into the forest, Moritz told us a little about the basics. For example, if after picking the mushroom you cover the hole again, you can soon hope to find the same mushrooms again in the same place.

While foraging, all participants first collected mushrooms on their own and loose themselves in the nature. Moritz then identified the finds, distinguished the edible from the poisonous ones and explained the most important identification characteristics. He also explained the different symbioses in the forest and which trees can give clues to which mushrooms. In the Grunewald one could find around 8000 different species of mushrooms. About 200 of them are edible. This is a great variety that is rarely taken into account in restaurants.

While foraging, our focus was on boletus, as no  seriously poisonous specimens can be found among them. Together we foraged for example the bay bolete, matte bolete, slippery jack, parasol mushrooms, shaggy ink cap and charcoal burner. In addition to the mushrooms we also gained some exciting knowledge for the kitchen. For example, some russets can be really spicy and some other mushrooms become unedible reacting with alcohol.


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Photos Nils Böddingmeier