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20 November 2021 - 24 November 2021



Fine craftsmanship, precise work, sinful creations of the finest quality – this is what we know from the French pâtisserie. What is particularly pronounced in Germany when it comes to sweet delicacies, however, is thrift. The industrialization initiated the low prices due to mechanised mass production. Producers adapted themselves, gourmets likewise, which forcefully led to a decrease in quality. The importance of conscious regional and natural cuisine, which some restaurateurs have reclaimed in recent years, is far from being achieved in the pâtisserie.

But of course, there are also quality lovers here who appreciate not only the craft but also the ingredients and processes behind them, who value quality over additives and who try to bring the best to the dessert plate. Together with pioneers and experts, we shed light on the topics of sugar (alternatives), chocolate and sustainability and asked ourselves how we can develop sweets further in the future.



saturday, 20.11.2021
1:30 – 7:00 PM

Together we went on a tour to visit the city’s most offbeat and pioneering pâtisseries and look behind the scenes.

with CODA, Pars Pralinen, Jubel


monday, 22.11.2021
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Rosa Canina


Sugar is a staple ingredient in pâtisserie. But what alternatives are there to the refined industrial sugar, which is often needed in large quantities? Visiting Rosa Canina, we learned more about the cultivation, the working conditions and routes of conventional sugar. We heard from them how they, as ice cream manufacturers, have critically addressed the issue and what solutions they have found. We also wanted to know how different types of sugar taste and why it is almost irreplaceable for taste and texture in the production of “sweets”. We then heard from Berlin colleagues from Coda how they use natural sweeteners, from reduced juices to amazake, in their dishes and desserts.

with Rosa Canina, CODA


tuesday, 23.11.21
4:00 – 7:00 PM
Markthalle Neun

When we talk about sweets, you cannot get around chocolate. We dedicated an entire evening to this product and learned more about the whole value chain: from agriculture and cultivation methods of cocoa to the transport routes. We also learned what good chocolate really tastes like.

with Holger in’t Veld (DUB CHOCOLATE)


wednesday, 24.11.21
10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Nobelhart & Schmutzig

In the final workshop, we dove deep into the topic of honey. Honey is not only the regional sweetening alternative, it has, like other products, the taste of terroir. We invited Moritz Seidler (Imkerei Bien), Lisa Ertl and Ulrich Beckmann (Beckmann Urtracht) who brought us closer to what tasks bees fulfill in the food landscape, how they promote biodiversity, what quality levels honey is differentiated into, what other products there are and what variety there can be in taste. We also learned more about beekeeping, how they organise themselves in the hive and what we can learn from that.

with Moritz Seidler (Imkerei Bien), Lisa Ertl (Lisa Ertl Organisationsberatung), Ulrich Beckmann (Beckmann Urtracht)


Kristiane Kegelmann (*1990 in Munich, Germany) initially trained as a classical confectioner. After graduating she worked in a leading position at the traditional Viennese court confectioner DEMEL and later completed a “Meister” degree. Since 2015, Kegelmann has been active as a sculptor. Always exploring the world with her hands, now as a creator of pars Pralinen she composes unique experiences where taste, production and design come together. While the individual shape and design of the pars pralines underlines their speciality, Kristiane Kegelmann implements her ideas of values and taste with the different fillings. With sustainable, seasonal and mostly regional ingredients, new, exciting taste compositions are created, oriented towards the naturalness of their components.


Photos: Carla Ulrich – Instagram | Website


20 November 2021
24 November 2021