Farm Visit: Biogärtnerei Watzkendorf

Nov 28, 2023


We organise farm visits in the Berlin area which are specifically intended for gastronomes and farmers. Our aim is to share knowledge about agricultural cultivation methods, spark a conversation around product quality, and show the connection of individual ingredients to our whole food system. Through these farm visits, we bring producers and cooks closer together and nurture their mutual appreciation.

Biogärtnerei Watzkendorf


The Bioland-certified garden center has been involved in marketing to Berlin from an early stage and sells to organic wholesalers and organic stores, but also directly to restaurants. The former LPG vegetable farm (vegetables have been grown there since 1961) has been operating according to Bioland standards since 1996 and has grown with the increasing demand from Berliners for organic produce. In the meantime, colorful lettuce, kohlrabi and hectares of celery, leek, zucchini, pumpkins, chard, cabbage and beet grow on 28 hectares. Sabine Kabath would also like chefs to discover more chard for themselves. According to Kabath, it is a great vegetable that is often on her own menu.

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